Ways To Celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali 2020

Diwali is celebrated widely in India and in many parts of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Nepal, etc.

This festival is all about celebrating with family, Time for Family Bonding, Thinking for Oneself, Start with a New Beginning, Welcoming Positivity, Sharing Love with your Loved Ones.

Sharing the sweet with neighbors and enjoy it to the full, Lighting Diyas, Lamps are lit. Gifts are exchanged, Nurturing the relationships.

Over the past many years while celebrating Diwali and isn’t paying attention to our environment and mother earth, One may forget the consequences.

If we stop taking care of the environment Our Future generation will be in trouble.

We celebrate the victory of Lord Rama, so let’s come together and contribute to mother nature’s wellbeing and create some positive changes.


Let’s come together and create positive changes to save the environment with ECO-FRIENDLY DIWALI CELEBRATION 2020.

So let’s see 10 Eye-Opening Ways To Celebrate ECO-Friendly Diwali without downing your spirit for the Diwali festival.

1) Use Eco-Friendly Crackers

I know you have a question why I’m saying this, if I say no to crackers no one will follow the same.

If it’s Diwali it’s a trend to burn crackers from the past. We all know it is very harmful to the environment because it causes Air pollution, Noise pollution, Soil pollution, Harmful for Bird and Street Animals.

“Diwali is a festival of lights not sound”

As we all know it’s impossible to opt for the crackers in Diwali — so the least you can do is use eco-friendly crackers.

Instead of doing so, you can also gather together in some park, garden — Share your thoughts, celebrate it with lightning, the sky lanterns, make rangoli in the community, and many more things.

This will reduce the Pollution cause from Diwali and makes everyone cheerful.

2) Plastic Lights… No way!

Oil lamps were a part of various traditions and cultures around the world until electric lights became popular. The earliest known oil lamp can be dated back to the Catholic Age, about 4500 to 3300 B.C.

Today, their use is limited to only a few homes and festivals like Diwali and other cultural festivals and reasons, or otherwise, it’s just put up at home for visual appeal.

But there is a lot more to the humble oil lamp, it’s more than that the use of providing light and aesthetics. By lighting a Diya, a clay lamp, a Panti, a row of lights can create an ambience of energy and positivity.

Diwali is the festival of lights and it wouldn’t be half as beautiful without little LED and many other fancy-decorative lighting strung around the house that’s what most of us think. But those light consumes a lot more power and electricity.

Many people keep it powered on right from the evening and it’s still on power mode the next morning. And they complain that electricity is on the verge of rising. It’s better to stop complaining and better to choose wisely and opt for eco-friendly clay lamps, handcrafted lanterns, stay away from Plastic and ultra-fancy decorative lanterns- Keep it simple and try and opt for old-school earthen oil diyas, clay-lamps instead of energy-guzzling electrical lights.

These not only look stunning but are completely organic and traditional. You can also wash the Diya and reuse it for many years. And it would be a great family time to paint designs on them. Make your children and neighborhood kids collaborate in painting diyas and lit up rows of lights. Buying your diyas from poor vendors on the roadside will also help them celebrate the festival better.


3) Rangoli… Go Traditional, Go National.

Diwali is incomplete without its share of colorful rangoli designs. It’s time to ditch the oil paint, toxic-artificial colors. Better use the loose flowers discarded by the florists and come up with mind-blowing designs for the five-festive daily with different colorful variants of flowers. Nothing can beat the flower's natural beauty, Flowers petals and its colors bring real happiness and soothing visual appeal to our eyes.

They’ll eventually add a ton of color, tones, shades, contrast, highlights, and yours will be the house in the building or individual house with scented decorations. Or else you can do in other traditional styles which bring auspiciousness and divinity, Kolam south Indian style of drawing rangoli. It is made with rice flour, finely ground rice powder/paste (called kola-podi in Tamil) or at times vegetable and mineral-based powders on carefully swept grounds (revered as Bhudevi or Mother Earth).

Minimal way of doing it can be: This simplistic way of the method can even cut down costs. You can draw intricate patterns with white chalk, colorful chalks, or stone powder (which are easily available in the market) mixed with a certain proportion with rice powder.

In spite of using the chemically synthesized colors for making a rangoli use:

  • Brown- Cloves
  • Green- Cardamom & Saunf
  • Red- Dried chilly or even kumkum
  • White- Rice Grains
  • Yellow- Pulses or turmeric
  • Flower Petals — Brighten the Look

This can be also used to feed the Small bird, ants, insects, and make the ecosystem good.

Add the natural essence in your rangoli this year Happy Diwali 2020

4) Upcycle Last Year’s Supplies:

This Diwali 2020 be unique- If you’re not already doing this, this is the time to start. Recycle light bulbs and you can use it as an oil lamp.

Hanging Flower Pots:

It really makes no sense to buy fresh supplies for Diwali, each year. Recycle such things like light bulbs, candle-holders, diyas and agarbatti stands.

Get old sarees to stitch together for a quilt, bed cover, or convert your dupattas into pillowcases, Add a beautiful and DIY twist to your Diwali House Decorations. You might just have the prettiest house in the neighborhood.

5) Eco-Friendly Gifts Ideas: It comes straight from the heart, not from the stores.

Gifts are synonymous with Diwali, but keep aside the usual candles and chocolates, Change the things by opting for organic gifting options. Which keeps your mind and body healthy and brings happiness in your life. Health and Fitness subscriptions: Cult fit, Mind Fit, and Eat.fit packages and other Consultation and Health packages.

People nowadays are more focused on making a better version of themselves: Green tea or chamomile tea combined with a ceramic mug can be the best ideal gift idea this Diwali.

A basket of fruits and dry fruits can also be a quite better gifting option. OTT platforms subscription — A perfect way to binge-watch this festive season with your family, cousins, all near and dear ones.

Plants make for great gift ideas and add an element of positivity and greenery to your space. If you are the kind who trips on home decor then handicrafts presentable are the gifts you must look out for: Get your hands on the best unique products by makers around the world- Many online stores like Amazon has got covered diverse eco-friendly and handcrafted categories right form Jewelry, Home Decor, Kitchen and Dining, Beauty and Grooming, Clothing and accessories, Handbags, Stationery, and Party supplies, etc.

Which even supports the local makers. You can also donate old clothes, shoes, and other accessories and even giveaway gadgets and books you haven’t used to people who are in real need. Make sure to only donate or give something which is in a presentable condition.

Visit Ways To Celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali for full details

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